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Papia Ghoshal's ongoing series of works 'Borders &Shunya',portrays the pain that goes through the heart of people who are living at the edge of the borders and the message of the ultimate love & peace through 'Shunya' that can only solve the pain. Papia personally witnessed this during her recent journey between Europe & India overland, covering nooks & corners of Turkey, Syria, borders of Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan. Papia also expressed her painthrough her canvases when blood spurted out through the partition of India & Pakistan and the political division of Bengal in 1905. She is looking forward to a unified India again, in the future. Her paintings 'Wounded mother' and 'Injured India' are about the borders of India that are still so injured and weak, though from outside it looks perfect. The blood in the canvases shows the depiction of her real pain. The harassments involved in entering the western countries even with a valid passport & valid visas are humiliating. India, though being one of the fastest growing powerful countries in the world, is still rated very low at the immigration entrance counters. Papia's canvases tried to express the suffering of these humiliations that her country is facing all the time, silently, through her real blood.

Papia is experimenting with 'Shunya', the philosophy & practice based on ultimate peace that talks about several aspects of Buddhist tantra. In Tantra, the universe is regarded as the divine play of Shakti & Shiva. Papia, being from Kolkata, experiments with the various forms & energies of Shakti or Kali, the fearless, naked Goddess.Papia, slowly transcended her experiments from Shakta Tantra to Baishnav Tantra to Radha Tantra and finally, to Buddhist Tantra. Vijnana bhairava tantra, explores meditations on the void or shunya, through Papia's canvases. Papia uses emptiness as a spiritual space, which can take us to the deepest levels of meditation.

Papia dedicated her work on 'Borders & Shunya' as a token of admiration shown to the 150 years of birth anniversary to Swami Vivekananda, whose philosophy and outlook to the world outside & within had influence Papia from childhood.